Navigation ​​​​​​​Implant

Navigation Implant

We will take care of your missing teeth with

Advantages of
Digital Navigation
​​​​​​​Guided Surgery

3D Planning

DI0navi drastically improves the results due to optimized implant placement with reduced surgical intervention

By Accurately analysing bone tissue and nerve positioning, the best possible position for implant fixture can be determined

The position of the implant is optimized and precisely located

New Technology Digital Diagnosis For Safe Of Accurate Treatment

CT combined with TRIOS oral scanner  3D imaging

Treatment planning with idealized implant placement for the maximum functional aesthetics results

Digitally designed for temporary restorations

3D printed stent to guide idealized surgery

An implant surgery that minimizes bleeding and swelling by applying a cutting edge tissue punch technique without raising a flap


less swelling

less bleeding

good aesthetic outcomes



A better alternative for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and edenturiuos patients due to less swelling and pain

What Is Flapless Surgery?
Flapless vs Flap Surgery

Tissue damage reduced aesthetic outcomes



Our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by providing dental implant treatments and related services at affordable prices.  Navigation Implant has a unique treatment protocol that is known to the dental implant industry as the highest of its standard. Due to its minimal discomfort and bleeding and a faster post-operative healing period, patients can expect to resume their normal work schedules faster than the conventional open-flap surgical approach.  Protocols are created by marrying digital intraoral scanning technology and 3-D CBCT diagnostic imaging technology to promote the highest standard care for dental implant placements and restorations. 

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By marrying the two state-of-the-art dental technologies, optimal surgical and restorative outcomes can be achieved by eliminating common errors created by general dental practitioners, independent of varying degrees of expertise.  Our protocol promotes flapless surgeries utilizing scanning-derived and 3D-printed surgical guides through computer-based virtual surgeries. We believe that this protocol can be beneficial to our society, for people’s quality of lives will be greatly improved.  Our unique approach to better peoples’ lives by combining affordability and the safest environment will create a high demand for the general population to seek our service.​​​​​​​